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What your Order Include:

A full branding suite is like a birth certificate for your brand and you should always have one. This helps with future things such as printin, web design, engraving, t-shirt printing, Designing your shop and more. Please note that just having a brand identity doesn't sorely makeup your brand, this is just the first step to a bright future in your business.  Our Brand Identity service includes

  • Main Logo

  • Alternative Logo

  • Submark Logo & or Pictorial Design (Pictorial is Only If Image Based is Chosen)

  • Branding Template (Hex Codes, Mood board, Fonts, Pattern Sheet)

  • Logo Variation in Black and White

  • PDF Standard + Print, PNG Transparent + Print, Ai, SVG,JPG Files

  • Business Card Design 

Designers at Exotic Creations Branding Agency no longer provide single logo services.

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